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Started on a remake of the main theme from The Rock. One of my favorite scores [and movies] and the main theme is just fantastic. It's a Michael Bay movie and it's good. No, seriously. Anyways I don't know for sure when I will have it done but I'm just gonna keep trucking till I get this one done.

Orchestral Pieces

2010-02-09 17:44:09 by MrKennedy123

If you've been keeping up with me then you know I've been uploading a lot of my orchestral work. If you have any suggestions on a type of piece I should do then please feel free to hit me up with any suggestions or comments.


2008-07-07 18:00:47 by MrKennedy123

How about we make that a few weeks for WWE Demo. Do you guys want me to complete NFL and NBA career's and not have them be short and really repettitve? I got a message from someone wanting them completed so it's up to you guys.

My Stuff

2008-07-05 00:34:00 by MrKennedy123

Guys, it has been a while since I have submitted one of my shitty sports demos and I KNOW you all miss them so....

Nah, seriously, I have been working on other stuff such as my Hitman Blood Money Movie *CHEAP PLUG* and haven't had time to make another shitty demo. But, now I am making WWE CAREER!!!!!

WWE Career will be out..... when it's done.

WWE Career Demo Which Will Get Straight Zeros From My Loyal Reviewers will be out... in a week.

NBA & NFL Career

2008-05-03 21:38:18 by MrKennedy123

After many delays, these projects have been cancelled. I know, very disapointing.

NFL Career

2008-02-03 17:33:21 by MrKennedy123

I shall have the new NFL HB Career Demo up tommorow. Don't worry, it actually works this time and is much longer.